Annie Palmér!

The beauty of Hawaii

I'm out of words when I try to describe Hawaii, these pictures is from Hapuna beach, Kailua Kona and Pololu Valley.
Hawaii is such an amazing place, definitely a place to visit before you die!

Adventure in Hawaii

-The most incredible thing I did here in Hawaii was hiking to the volcano Kilauea and look down the crater. 
It was an indescribable feeling to see all that. 
-I most say that Hawaii has the best sushi ever tasted.
-Me and my friend had hotelbreakfast before we went to the airport togheter.
-Scandinavian shaved ice, anyone tried that before? 

More of Hawaii

Rented mopeds and drove to Makalawena beach. Had BBQ on the beach. When to a love feast. Went Paddle boarding and parasailing. 

Moments of Hawaii

Pictures from when we visited the volcano Mauna Kea. It is a greater mountain than the elevation of Mount Everest above sea level. 
Also a picture of me when we hiked to a hidden waterslide and found a waterfall on our way. 
Then the next best thing we did was to swim with some wild dolphins.